18 People Whose Transformations Through the Years Will Leave You Stunned

8 months ago

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born super attractive and have a wonderful time in high school. Some people need a few more years to find their style and form their groove in order to discover who they really are. And when they do, the results show that they look nothing like their old selves.

1. “19-26, it’s hard to look like you have any muscle when you have loose skin to fill.”

2. “It’s amazing how much puberty and self-improvement can change an appearance.”

3. “17 to 27 — yeah, I didn’t peak in high school.”

4. “13 to 20 — my mom gave me that haircut.”

5. “From 16 to 22”

6. “2011 to 2018 (16 years old vs 24 years old)”

7. “From 35 to 49”

8. “I’m thankful braces exist (12 to 20).”

9. “31, F — what a difference 15 years and being healthy makes”

10. “12-21, same backyard, same camera, but a genuine smile

11. “I know I’m not a model now, but based on my starting point I’m pretty happy.”

12. “Age 17-24”

13. “I learned to care about myself, 15-20.”

14. “From 14 to 26”

15. “12-27 — I lost a chin, but gained a smile.”

16. “From 14 to 19”

17. “4 years later (16-20)”

18. “17 to 40, I was super skinny, had no girlfriend in high-school.”

It’s incredible what growing up and making some life changes can do to a person, and it’s especially uplifting to see people making these choices themselves without any pressure. Remember that change has to come from the inside in order to be seen on the outside.

Preview photo credit MavrickOcean / Reddit


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