15 Brides Who Proved Your Wedding Dress Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank to Look Gorgeous

2 years ago

Finding the wedding dress of your dreams takes time, energy, and lots of money. But some brides prefer not to spend huge sums on a gown they’ll wear only once and just for a few hours. They took their time to search for their special dresses at thrift shops and online and managed to buy them for a bargain.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything can’t take our eyes off these beautiful brides who looked absolutely stunning on their big days.

“My grandmother has had her dress sealed since 1958 and I’m so excited she gets to see me wear it!”

“Got this dress off AliExpress for $310, already sized to fit!”

“Dress purchased for $40.”

“A $200 eBay dress with hand-painted flowers. I think I love it, but my mom hates it.”

“My $170 custom-made dress arrived, and it’s PERFECT!”

“Wedding dress from Etsy $300. Got professionally measured ($25) before ordering.”

“Gave up on dress shopping in stores, got this amazing dress second hand on eBay. Couldn’t be happier!”

“My fiance likes fitted dresses and I like poofy ones. I thought there was no way to reconcile our tastes. My dream dress cost $1,600, but I found an eBay analog for $500.”

“Dream dress on a budget! Arrived 3 weeks early.”

“Was nervous ordering a $100 wedding dress online... it came in and I couldn’t be happier!”

“I bought the dress on eBay during Black Friday week. The size matches my measurements and is already hemmed for my height.”

“My AliExpress dress! Couldn’t be happier.”

“Didn’t expect much when I ordered this dress for $300. I AM IN LOVE! No alterations yet, hence the length and holding in of the sides of the dress.”

“I got a stunning princess wedding dress for $500!”

“Found my dress for $440 (tax included)!”

Do you think it’s worth saving money on the wedding dress and accessories?

Preview photo credit batwoman08 / Reddit


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