12 Hacks Drivers Will Find Genius

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There are an estimated 1.2 billion cars in the world at the moment, which means that a large percentage of the population knows how to drive. Either they enjoy it or not, their car is a necessity in order to do the things they have to. But a car isn’t just an accessory, but a mechanism that needs care and attention so in does not die. There are many small details and tips a driver should know in order to keep their car running for a long time.

Now I’ve Seen Everything has gathered 12 useful car tips with the addition of a bonus that all drivers should know for their own safety.

1. When it’s cold outside, park your car facing east since the sun will help defrost your windshield.

2. Polish the leather with olive oil. It removes everyday dirt and protects against cracks.

3. Vacuum the difficult-to-reach areas by putting a toilet paper tube on your vacuum.

4. Always use your right hand to open the driver’s door or your left hand to open the passenger door — this keeps you from opening it too suddenly.

5. Always keep your wheels straight after parking. If not, your car’s steering rod can be damaged.

6. Clean your windshield and windows with baby wipes, since they don’t leave any stains.

7. Add scratch protectors to your car doors in order to prevent damaging other cars and your own.

8. During the winter months, keep your windshield wipers nice and toasty with some warm socks.

9. Toothpaste can help clean your headlights.

10. Adjust your side mirrors so you can see the road and only a very small sliver of your car.

11. Make your own air freshener by adding some scented melting wax in an old salt shaker.

12. Use an old DVD case in order to cover your stereo system and protect it from thieves.

13. When you have to wait in the car, the headrest can be converted into a pillow.

Bonus: recognize the meaning of the different smells of your car.

  1. Rotten eggs: The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs appears if something is wrong with the catalytic converter. In other words, your car may have some kind of malfunction in the fuel system.
  2. Mold or mildew: If you smell mildew, the air conditioner may be the problem. Over time, the air conditioning system can become clogged with dust, dirt, and debris, and this can lead to unpleasant odors in the cabin.
  3. Maple syrup or fruity candy: The reason for a maple syrup or candy smell is most likely coolant that contains ethylene glycol, leaking from the radiator, cylinder head, or a failed intake manifold gasket. This can cause serious damage to your vehicle, including overheating.
  4. Exhaust or fumes: the cause may be a leak from the car’s exhaust system or poor seals on the windows or doors. Exhaust leaks are often caused by corrosion, where rust eats away at exposed pipes, eventually causing small holes or cracks.
  5. Burning rubber smell: If you smell burning rubber, and your tires are safe and sound, most likely the reason is in rubber belts and hoses. When one of these fails or becomes too tight, it can cause this bad smell. This can’t be ignored.
  6. Burnt paper: chances are that it’s coming from the clutch, the lining of which contains paper. Most often, this can happen when the driver is “riding” the clutch, which means they’re stepping too frequently on the pedal.

Did you already know of any of these hacks and tips? Would you follow them to see for yourself how useful they are?

Please note: This article was updated in August 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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