15 Animals Who Aren’t Afraid to Be Spontaneous and Peculiar

2 years ago

Animals don’t need an excuse to be weird or do the first thing that comes to their head. They simply don’t care about what their “hoomans” think. So, you can easily find your cat sleeping with his face down on a vase or your dog sitting up like a meerkat. The truth is it makes for super exciting days and hysterical anecdotes.

Now I’ve Seen Everything hopes you enjoy this entertaining compilation of animals just being their crazy selves.

1. “Don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time!”

2. “She always goes like this when I take out the nail clipper.”

3. “I noticed that my bulldog was walking in and out of the bathroom. Went in to investigate and saw her doing this.”

4. “Foot in its mouth”

5. “One of her crazy sleep positions — how she stayed like that and didn’t fall off, I have no idea!”

6. “He dragged his bed downstairs to do this to it while I was in the shower.”

7. “My 2-year-old American bulldog in one of the many weird yoga poses that she sleeps in”

8. “I found something in the toilet...”

9. “Her best ’give me your dinner’ face”

10. “Sylvie is still figuring out how the new cat tower works.”

11. “Such grace, such poise...”

12. “All the toys in the world, and he chooses to play ’keep away’ with my mallet mid-project.”

13. “Our vet called us asking if they can take a picture of our dog, Benji, for their website. This is the picture.”

14. “Normally, he lies on my shoes. Getting in them is a first.”

15. “I have never seen a dog sit like this before.”

Which one made you laugh the most? In what weird positions have you found your pets before?

Preview photo credit I_need_to_learn_more / Reddit


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