13 Massive Differences Between Generations You Will Feel Related To

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No matter how someone tries to stay related to newer generations, there will always be a gap in between them. And that’s because many things change each year and these changes morph people into what they are. For example, older generations treat mobile phones as just tools for connecting with others, while newer generations base their whole life on their little gadgets. But, this isn’t the only difference between the past and the present.

1. Games are no longer the same.

2. Children still go to school, but things have changed there too.

3. We’re trying to do a thousand things and forget about having fun.

4. We don’t solve our problems as fast anymore.

5. When we were kids, we dreamed about specific toys. Now, there are dolls and cars for anyone but they don’t make kids very happy.

6. Today the youth prefer a more mobile means of transport. It saves time and money and is environmentally friendly.

7. In the past, the entire family would gather to watch a TV series together. Now, we can’t find anything worthy among thousands of series.

8. The modern hectic lifestyle doesn’t leave any time for good nutrition.

9. Printing out photos was something special and today, our phones are so cluttered that we can’t find anything on them.

10. We don’t really make a fuss about house chores and especially ironing clothes.

11. If earlier you had to personally break up with friends, now you don’t even need to meet them.

12. In the past, we looked forward to letters. Today, we’re trying to get rid of annoying texts and notifications.

13. You can share everything now — even intangible things.

Do you believe that happiness is something that is missing from today’s society? Why are people so hard to please and how can they improve their quality of life?


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