13 Correct Things Our Parents Used to Teach Us in Childhood That We Ignored

year ago

You can talk forever about children and parents. At a young age, we oftentimes don’t understand the older generation, and their words and requests seem silly or weird to us. But the gap between generations reduces with age and we come to understand that a lot of what our parents told us was actually wise and correct. And our comics below illustrate that well.

Our mothers would oftentimes make us eat soup in childhood, and now we dream about eating tasty homemade soup.

Our mothers wouldn’t let us go outside without a hat, and now we’re willing to put on 10 hats so we don’t get sick.

Trends for thin brows stayed in the past and we failed to grow new ones. Our moms warned us about this, but we didn’t listen.

In childhood, our mother tried to get us involved in the cleaning process because it was easier and quicker to do things together. Today, we recall those times with sadness.

Back then, we wanted to spend all our time with friends. Today, we understand that family is the most important.

Every time we threw tantrums because of sweets, our moms would say, “Enough is enough!” It would be good to know then that refraining from overeating was a good habit.

Our moms taught us to have our own opinions and stand up for them, but we felt too shy. Today, we lack this skill.

It was more interesting to daydream in school than learn things like “Parlez-vous français?” Today, we are ready to download every app for language learning.

We would share secrets and not think about the consequences, while our mothers’ advice to keep silent and be smart seemed absurd to us.

Our parents would teach us to protect our personal boundaries, while we used to think that we would offend others if we said no.

A child sitting at a desk with a curved back is not a rare thing to see. We wish we knew back then that posture would affect the entire body.

We used to complain to our moms many times that a classmate was calling us names. She would wisely say, “Don’t pay attention to it.” Today, we can easily cut toxic people out of our lives.

In childhood, our mothers would make us go to bed earlier. Today, we’re happy to go to bed at 10 PM, but we can’t always do it.


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