16 People Who Gave Their Homes an Entirely New Look and Made Us Jealous

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While having a roof over our heads is massively important, it is also necessary to like the place we live. That is because the better we feel in our house, the more autonomous we become and the more success we have in our career. There has been evidence showing that the better the quality of our home life is, the better our well-being is. So, if there is something you don’t like, try to set aside some money in order to transform it according to your liking.

Having a home that you enjoy spending time in is very important and Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 16 cases where people decided to make their dream house themselves.

1. “Small Bathroom Remodel. It was a fun 3 days of work! Cost was less than $500!”

2. “Before and after of my brother’s room as a surprise.”

3. “Added a little color.”

4. “I moved in with my boyfriend a year ago. The place has changed a little.”

5. “After my wife passed away, I bought this house with my 2 boys and went for a total redo. It makes me feel good to give them a happy and cozy home.”

6. “I actually hate baths so I never use it, and the step scares me too! There is a stand up shower in the corner that I use instead.”

7. “Built custom stairs with plenty of storage for a tiny house!”

8. “This area above my door was empty. So I asked Redditors what to put and took all their advice. This is how it looks now.”

9. “I remodeled my sunroom into a laundry room.”

10. “Some satisfying before and after pics of my cozy ’work from home’ office project.”

11. Amazing transformation and the addition of the dog is definitely the center of attention.

12. “The before and after of our DIY kitchen makeover”

13. “Turned our unused attic space into a walk-in closet.”

14. “From moldy retro bathroom, to clean contemporary bathroom.”

15. “We built some ’under the stairs’ storage using IKEA units.”

16. “My partner and I renovated my grandmas rental property for sale on a tight budget and timeline. The budget for the entire interior house renovation was $7K AUD.”

Have you ever done such a massive renovation to your house and, if so, did it turn out as you dreamed it would?

Preview photo credit DIY_Lion / Reddit


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