13 Things You Can Only Find in Certain Countries and Never See Anywhere Else

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Traveling can broaden our minds even more than encyclopedias and lectures about science. During trips, we can see the way other people live, eat, work, and rest. And it’s way more informative and impressive than reading tourist brochures. We decided to find out what things about other countries amazed people online.

If you lose something in Korea, it will be returned to you, even if you don’t specifically look for it.

Minimeda / Pikabu

“I lost my wallet with my credit cards and ID. I don’t know where I lost it, so I didn’t even think about looking for it. 3 months later, I got a package from the police department with a letter describing where the wallet was found. The package was delivered to the door of my apartment. I’m shocked.”

This bathroom in Seoul has multiple toilet paper rolls.

“In Norway, they have little shelters to keep your bike seat dry. Part of why Norway scores so high on the happiness scale?”

At Munich Airport, they have cabins you can rent to sleep, work, or when you need privacy.

Seats for pregnant women on a train in Seoul

In Japan, they have designated rooms for talking on the phone in shared spaces.

This building looks like it was built in Minecraft!

In Washington state, they have mouthwash stations in the bathrooms.

“The coastal town I’m in is so rainy, they have an umbrella share program.”

In the Netherlands, a lot of farmers have machines where people can buy fresh milk from the farm itself. It’s cheaper than the supermarket, and gives the farmers more profit for their product.

The Istanbul airport is so big, they have scooters you can rent to cruise inside.

The women’s bathroom at the train station in Seoul had a tiny toilet for children to use.

In China, they use special pants for potty-training.

When a boy is taken for a walk, he wears special pants with an open crotch. Girls wear sundresses. Children continue to wear these clothes, even after they have learned to use the bathroom.

What do you think about this method of potty-training? Tell us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit Daniel Case / Wikimedia


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