15 Movies That Made Practically Imperceptible Mistakes, but Someone Noticed Them

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Every so often, in the pursuit of a spectacular shot, filmmakers make small oversights and miss some errors. It’s hard to say what exactly causes these inaccuracies — it may be due to laziness, inattention, or a deliberate attempt to draw attention to the film. But one thing is certain: nothing escapes the keen eyes of meticulous viewers.

1. Back to the Future

On the stage of his parents’ prom, which took place in 1955, the protagonist plays a Gibson ES-345 guitar, which was manufactured in 1958. Not even the fact that he traveled to the past explains how Marty got this 3 years before it was released.

2. Spotlight

During the entire scene of the meeting with the victim of a crime, the journalist takes notes, but in the notebook, there is not a single word.

3. Titanic

Because of the enormous amount of organic waste in the ocean, its water is not clear. But in the film, it is shown to be crystal clear.

4. Pearl Harbor

During the dinner scene, Kate Beckinsale’s character takes off and leaves behind her handkerchief. The problem is that when she left, there was no handkerchief on the table — it miraculously appeared after a couple of seconds.

5. Notting Hill

When the main character collides with Julia Roberts’ character, she looks up and you can see the entire film crew in the reflection of her sunglasses.

6. Pulp Fiction

In the reminiscence of Christopher Walken’s character, the watch shows a certain time, but as soon as the camera approaches the dial, we see that the hands of the watch are placed in a completely different position.

7. Alexander

At the beginning of the film, when the elderly Ptolemy I Soter is speaking about Alexander, we see in the background the lighthouse of Alexandria in operation. The truth is that its construction was only completed after the death of Ptolemy I, during the reign of his son, Ptolemy II Philadelphus.

8. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Most of the characters in the film wear anti-reflective lenses. However, anti-reflective coating began to be widely used in the 1980s, and its quality left much to be desired. Sharon Tate could not have worn glasses of this type in 1969.

9. Ocean’s Eleven

Brad Pitt’s appetite is legendary; however, no matter how insatiable it is, the actor could hardly have had time to eat 2 different dishes during a short scene.

10. Frida

At the beginning of the film, we see a group of men transporting Frida, who was bedridden. Lying down, she gazes into a huge mirror above her head, and her earrings dangle treacherously downward, revealing a behind-the-scenes secret. In this shot, Salma Hayek is standing, not lying down as we were shown earlier.

11. The Graduate

According to the plot, the hero of the film goes to Berkeley, a city on the east coast of San Francisco Bay. But the viewer can see Dustin Hoffman’s character driving on the upper deck of the bridge, which would be in the opposite direction.

12. The Matrix

The camera is clearly visible in the reflection of the doorknob. The filmmakers did their best to hide it, and they even tried to cover it with a jacket. But this did not help the situation, and attentive viewers noticed the mistake.

13. Moulin Rouge!

In one scene, the thin straps of Nicole Kidman’s dress are replaced by wide straps for a few seconds.

14. Marie Antoinette

If you look closely, you can see hair extensions on the head of the queen’s son.

15. The Other Boleyn Girl

Throughout the film, Natalie Portman, who plays Anne Boleyn, shows many models of French headdresses. They became popular in England in the 16th century and even replaced the traditional English headdress. But in one scene of the film, costume designers made a small mistake: they forgot to comb the heroine’s hair back, which completely contradicts the rules of wearing the French headdress. The slip, of course, escaped the eyes of most viewers, but fashion historians were dissatisfied.

What other notorious mistakes in famous movies can you think of?


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Hinge with Philips screws, which appeared only 30 years after the time when the series is set (Gran Hotel)

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Wow so I’m not the only person who yells out bad editing at random times during movies I’ve seen over & over.


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