18+ Evidences Proving Japan is a Country From Another Universe

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In the Land of the Rising Sun, traditional customs and future technologies intertwine in a remarkable manner. For instance, they have ambitious plans to construct a future-proof city by 2050, incorporating numerous innovative features that enhance people’s lives while prioritizing environmental protection. But even now, this country appears to be forging ahead of the rest of the world. Here are several photos that prove it.

Battery adapter to use AA’s instead.

Honey dispenser at a hotel in Japan.

An infant breastfeeding for fathers

A toilet in Japan with an information system that shows the occupied and free bathrooms.

A bedside lamp that can be half lit

A shop where disabled parking access is remotely controlled to prevent incorrect use

Refrigerated lockers in a shopping center keep your perishable foods cool while you shop.

A curved escalator in Japan.

Smartphone wipe dispenser, to keep your phone’s screen clean

Japanese Airline economy have electric bidet in the toilet.

When you buy this gum in Japan there are pieces of paper included to spit it in when you have finished chewing it.

Koi fish also live in some drainage canals in Japan which is evidence of their cleanliness.

There’s a magic button to slow down the taxi in case you prefer a slower speed.

I’m lieu of a lock, the urinal room on this train has a window to let you know if someone is currently using it.

Useful instructions in the dressing rooms prevent you from staining your clothes with makeup.

This toilet that refills the flush with the water you wash your hands with.

The Japanese have an enormous respect for rules, which can also be seen by watching people climb the stairs.

Every country can offer surprises to foreign visitors, but sometimes advice from other nations can provoke envy, making us say “I want that too.” There are several secrets within Chinese homes that make them truly unique.

This emergency elevator toilet in Japan

In Japan, you’ll encounter a range of interesting and unique experiences. Take the night buses, for instance. Do you know what they look like in this country?

Preview photo credit Dentsu


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