13 Unique Fashion Models Who Are Making Waves in the Modelling World

year ago

Back in the day, being a model meant being really tall, skinny and breathtakingly beautiful. However, nowadays, the standards have changed and modelling has become more inclusive. People with unconventional beauty work as professional models and leave their own mark in the industry. It doesn’t really matter how you look or how heavy you are, but if you can be a model.

1. Quannah Chasinghorse

2. Luke Smith

3. Duan Mei Yue

4. Sara Grace Wallerstedt

5. Coral Kwayie

6. Uli

7. Cee Cee The Super Saiyan

8. Birk

9. Sinéad Burke

10. Maeva Marshall

11. Tin Gao

12. Andrea Thomas

13. Sophia Hadjipanteli


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