15 Actors Who Became Unrecognizable With Their Character’s Makeup On

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Makeup and hairstyling are so important when it comes to the cinema industry that there’s an Oscar dedicated just to them. The very first in that category to be awarded was given to An American Werewolf in London in 1981. Since then, makeup professionals have developed even more their techniques, to a point where sometimes we have trouble telling what actor is behind their creation.

1. Paolo Gucci (The House of Gucci) — Jared Leto

Invision/Invision/East News, Everett Collection/East News

2. Mystique (X-Men films) — Rebecca Romijn

© X-Men / Twentieth Century Fox, HNW / PictureLux/PictureLux/agefotostock/East News

3. Emperor Haban Limaï (Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets) — Aymeline Valade

4. Tia Dalma (Pirates of the Caribbean films) — Naomie Harris

5. Nebula (Guardians of the Galaxy films) — Karen Gillan

© Guardians of the Galaxy / Marvel Studious, Gilbert Flores /Broadimage/EAST NEWS

6. Enchantress (Suicide Squad) — Cara Delevingne

© Suicide Squad / Warner Bros., Gilbert Flores/Broadimage/EAST NEWS

7. Darth Maul (Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace) — Ray Park

8. Jaylah (Star Trek: Beyond) — Sofia Boutella

© Star Trek: Beyond / Paramount Pictures, imago/Bettina Strenske/EAST NEWS

9. Lt. Rick Janssen (The Titan) — Sam Worthington

© The Titan/motionpicturecapital, face to face /Reporter/Reporter/East News

10. Griphook (Harry Potter films) — Warwick Davis

© Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone / Warner Bros., Chris Joseph/Capital Pictures/EAST NEWS

11. Marlene McFly (Back to The Future: Part II) — Michael J. Fox

12. Bill Turner (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest) — Stellan Skarsgård

13. Leonard Bernstein (Maestro) — Bradley Cooper

14. Auggie (Wonder) — Jacob Tremblay

© Wonder / Lionsgate, AFP/EAST NEWS

15. Krall (Star Trek Beyond) — Idris Elba

Jordan Strauss / Invision / Eastnews, © Star Trek Beyond / Paramount Pictures

Which actors amazed and surprised you with their transformations? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit Jordan Strauss / Invision / Eastnews, Star Trek Beyond / Paramount Pictures


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