15+ Adorable Kittens That Will Make You Go, “Awww”

2 years ago

Having pets make us happier and can even help us sleep better at night. Apart from all the benefits of being a pet owner, having a furry friend waiting for you at home can warm your heart no matter how cold it is outside. And no one knows this better than the 20 people who shared photos of their cute kittens with the whole world.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything couldn’t hold back our smiles as we scrolled through these adorable pictures.

“Despite all the cozy spots I’ve provided my fosters, Murph still prefers the keyboard.”

“Let’s get this bread.”

“The moment she became a daddy’s girl”

“This is my life meow.”

“Capture me, human. Quickly.”

A sweet couple of zzzzz-leepers

“Welcome home, Betty!”

“His favorite spot while waiting for the vet!”

“First time checking out his new cat tree!”

Comfy pumpkin

Paws up!

Under house arrest

A criminal attempting to evade arrest by hiding behind a boot!

“Human, how can you be sleeping? I’m hungry!”

“Are the pillows huge or is my kitty just small?”

Illegally small and exhausted

“My cat was given a onesie instead of a cone. Now she’s a sausage roll.”

“My 1.5-month-old kittie”

Are you the happy owner of a kitty? Please do share their photos with us to boost everyone’s mood even more!

Preview photo credit kerroin / Reddit, khirann / Reddit


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