15 Amusing Photos That Are Complete Mood Boosters

year ago

There’s nothing like starting your day on a positive note. That can be achieved through multiple ways, including meditation or a healthy breakfast, but the internet also has potential to help. Of course it’s rare that we open a social media app and immediately see something wholesome. But when you look in the right place, an uplifiting pic can immediately put a big grin on our face.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected some feel-good content online to spread the joy around. Enjoy!

1. “My cat finding the first grass patch of spring”

2. “My grandfather and his cat, the 1960s. He almost never smiled much, but he really loved his cats.”

3. “Meeting her great-grandmother for the first time!”

4. “Whenever I tell a terrible dad joke, this is how my daughter reacts:”

5. “My dog, Roxie, and I have our birthdays on the same day! My baby turned 10 today! ”

6. “After playing music our whole lives, my dad and I played out together for the first time tonight.”

7. “I got my 17-month-old daughter boots. It did not go well.”

8. “Caught my girlfriend doing her makeup this morning.”

9. “2 years ago today I married my husband in a garden nursery. We had an unexpected (but highly loved) little guest.”

10. “Every Thanksgiving, my little cousin challenges me to a game of checkers. I’ve been documenting her defeat.”

11. “My grandmother on her 100th birthday”

12. “I found a monarch caterpillar and I built him a home. Yesterday I got to release him.”

13. “Painted my dog in her cute dorky pose.”

14. “My favorite mouth breather, sleeping on his favorite memory foam pillow”

15. “My son and my wife making each other laugh. This is now my favorite photo of all time.”

Which photos made you the happiest? On a terrible day, how do you usually cheer yourself up?

Preview photo credit ghost_pies / reddit


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