20 Times Something Was So Oversized, We Felt Like Dwarves in Their World

2 years ago

When a dog is taller than us, we’re immediately fascinated. It’s because we’re used to things being a certain size, and when that doesn’t happen, a feeling of surprise washes over us. Fortunately, coming across what’s referred to as an “absolute unit” on Reddit makes an ordinary day super exciting.

Now I’ve Seen Everything tracked down objects and beings that could very well belong to a world of giants. Get ready for some jaw-dropping content.

1. “My absolute unit of a baby brother — for reference, my sister holding him was 4.”

2. “I found a cyclops moth and it was huge, bigger than half my hand.”

3. “I crocheted a giant octopus.”

4. “My big boy with a proper Samoan coconut for scale”

5. “Cabbage with sausage and onion for dinner tonight!”

6. “Chilling with my big boy”

7. “My Maine Coon compared to my 5’5” girlfriend"

8. “I see your big Allen wrench, and I raise you a bigger Allen wrench.”

9. “We thought you would appreciate this absolute unit of French macaron I made.”

10. “This massive guy from my cereal this morning”

11. “Buster is corpulent and rotund.”

12. “This sandwich my dad made me”

13. “I had no idea they even made tires this huge!”

14. “Sadie, the squirrel, has eaten 3 jack-o’-lanterns so far.”

15. “My dad used to take me to feed the buffalo outside of town when I was little. We called this guy Big Daddy.”

16. “Look at this beautiful giant. First time seeing redwoods in person.”

17. “This huge potato I bought today”

18. “Just made an account so I could show you this chunky salamander we found in the garden.”

19. With this huge lemon, there’s no way you won’t be drinking lemonade for the rest of the year.

20. “Not sure if my new hat is big enough.”

Which of these objects surprised you the most? Do you have anything unusually large lying around your home?

Preview photo credit Skip2MyLouDarlin / Reddit


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