15 Children Whose Adorability Is Simply Off the Charts

2 years ago

Having kids is probably one of the biggest responsibilities a person can ever take on. Parents feel the need to be perfect at everything in order for their children to grow up happy. At the same time, all this stress is generously compensated for by their unconditional love and those absolutely precious moments when they are genuinely excited to see an alligator or wear the cutest Baby Groot costume.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything have made such an adorable compilation that it’s guaranteed to touch your soul.

1. “Bought my daughters some hockey helmets. My youngest already has her game face on.”

2. “This is my baby now.”

3. “Mike Wazowski with his cute partner, Sully”

4. “This Baby Groot is a real marvel.”

5. “So this morning, my 2-year-old hands me a container of ranch Doritos and asked me to open the ’stinky chips’”

6. “My daughter on her way to the pet store”

7. “The very exciting alligator”

8. “Would you try this little sub?”

9. “Thank you, sunglasses lenses, for popping out and making this cutie pic possible!!”

10. “How dangerous do you think this pink dinosaur is?”

11. “Today, I found a little elf under my Christmas tree.”

12. “If we go shower, we go together.”

13. “Rowan got some new Spider-Man PJs for Christmas this year.”

14. “A scientist in the making”

15. “They fit perfectly!”

Which of these photos melted your heart? Do you agree that children are the flowers in the garden of life?

Preview photo credit timbillyosu / Reddit


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