15+ Cool Inventions That Might Seem Ordinary at First

9 months ago

Inventions can be truly life-changing, and the faster our progress goes, people are coming up with more and more amazingly useful things. Our today’s heroes spotted awesome items that are very practical, like meat packaging with an indicator that shows whether it’s fresh or a cup that keeps your drink’s temperature exactly the way you want it to be.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered the most interesting examples right here.

1. “Security camera inside the car wash is equipped with a squeegee wiper.”

2. These meat labels react to ammonia, a by-product of meat spoilage. Once it turns completely blue, the barcode can no longer be scanned for sale.

3. Wear indicators on tires

4. Did you take your pill on time?

5. A vending machine that refunds your money if you didn’t get what you bought.

6. “A butter knife that uses the heat from your hand to easily cut/spread butter”

7. A toilet with doors you don’t need to touch

8. “My canister of Asian Pringles has a tab to lift the chips up so you don’t have to put your hand inside the tube.”

9. Making beds is easier than ever with a sheet that tells you where the shorter side is.

10. “My shopping bag has a printed holiday pattern on it so it can be reused as wrapping paper.”

11. A bottle of sauce that lets you regulate the spiciness

12. This shop sells sweatshirts with built-in earphones.

13. Seasoning in magnetic cans that can be stored on the fridge door

14. “This pickle jar has a built-in plastic basket with a stem so you can pull the pickles up to the top.”

15. “The needles in my sewing kit came pre-threaded.”

16. A mug that is operated by your phone and keeps your drink at a set temperature.

17. “My stapler came with colored staples in the back to remind me to refill it when the staples are running low.”

Which of these things would you like to have?

Preview photo credit BayYawnSay / Reddit


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