15 Couples Whose Relationships Are Built on Both Love and Humor

Sense of humor is among the most popular qualities that people search for in a romantic partner. And that’s not just a preference thing: psychologists say that the ability to laugh with your loved one (in addition to being a great joy) can also smoothen some harsh moments that each relationship has.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some pics proving that funny moments make life so much better.

1. “My dog showing my girlfriend that I’m his.”

2. “My wife and I had our baby shower today. We didn’t know what to do with all the diapers we got.”

3. “A hairstylist friend of mine has done her boyfriend’s hair every day that they’ve been stuck inside. So far we have these gems.”

4. “I was wondering why my wife was giggling when she asked me to change the air filters.”

5. “I snapped a good picture of my girlfriend and dog today.”

6. “I decided to surprise my girlfriend with a new shower curtain.”

7. “Photos I take of my boyfriend vs Photos he takes of me”

8. “This is what my boyfriend did to prevent me from snooping before he proposed.”

9. “My wife was not impressed with her birthday gift...”

10. “My girlfriend and I (finally) got a PlayStation 5, so naturally we did a fake maternity and newborn shoot with it.”

11. “My girlfriend likes to cut my sandwiches into weird shapes just to watch me suffer.”

12. “My husband travels for work. He gave me this so I am never really alone...”

13. “My fiance teased me about not having a picture of him at my desk, so he made me this.”

14. “My wife just texted me this picture of our cat playing behind the TV.”

15. A prank with an ultrasound from husband

“When my wife had an ultrasound for our first child, I took a photo of the printout so she could send it to friends and family on WhatsApp. Instead, I sent her this xenomorph image and she sent it to everyone before realizing what it was. She was not amused.”

How do you usually have fun with your spouse? What funny surprises do you like to do for each other?

Preview photo credit WKFClark / Reddit


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