15 Designs That Made Our Brain Scream

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There are no people who would be absolutely perfect at their job. However, not everyone makes things for us to enjoy and use. The stakes for the designers are so high nowadays, and it’s probably harder to adjust to all growing needs today. That’s why we end up seeing things like electrical outlets inside shower stalls.

Now I’ve Seen Everything rounded up a few design blunders that either gave people a hard time or a good chuckle.

1. “My bathtub fills up with water from the ceiling.”

2. “I tried cleaning the stain off this mug until I realized it’s part of the design.”

3. “Chandelier headlights”

4. These extremely ripped jeans

5. “The strawberry syrup is fake. It’s painted on the cup.”

6. “Did a double take when I saw this rock in my friend’s yard. she said it came from the tenants before her.”

7. “A bench that doesn’t drain”

8. “This ‘health’ drink looks like disease itself.”

9. “The liquid bleach holder on our washer collects water and rusts.”

10. “Garfield from your nightmares”

11. “At my local movie theater, the urinal is separated but the toilets aren’t. And there’s only one roll of toilet paper.”

12. “‘We heard you like spindles, so we surrounded your spindles with spindles’”

13. “My keyboard lights up, but you can’t see any letters at night.”

14. “My feet hurt just looking at this.”

15. “The shower cabin at my grandmother’s house has a power outlet in it.”

Have you ever come across a design that could be improved? What are your own examples?

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