20 People Whose Ordinary Days Were Spiced Up by a Lucky Find

2 years ago

Sometimes, life throws us little victories that add a special touch to our day. It can be finding a unique object on an ordinary day or stumbling upon gems that have real value. Whether big or small, these finds deserve to be celebrated because it’s not every day that we get this lucky.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 20 fortunate people who managed to find something extraordinary in their surroundings.

1. “I found $10 while scooping sludge at my wastewater treatment plant.”

2. “This is actor Sean Astin photobombing me in ‘93 at the D.C. inaugural ball and again 26 years later at Disneyland.”

3. “For a month, I thought I lost my wedding ring. Finally, we realized it was under my husband’s deodorant!”

4. “Our dog went missing for 4 days, and this is the moment we found her. Thank you locals for helping!”

5. “I just found this steal of a deal at a yard sale. Then I looked inside...”

6. “Found sushi on a streetcar.”

7. “I found a dog in the jungle, and now I have a best friend.”

8. “There was a perfect spade on my chip.”

9. " I found the Cheshire Cat in my apartment complex."

10. “While tearing up their carpet, my in-laws found a giant Monopoly board.”

11. “A massive double strawberry I found in the fridge”

12. “I found my doppelgänger at a bar, dressed like me!”

13. “I found this dog while skiing in Colorado. His eyes blew my mind.”

14. “A megalodon tooth I found in a dirty Florida creek!”

15. “Found this ‘veiled lady’ mushroom on a hike this morning near Seoul, South Korea.”

16. “Found some unopened Pokémon cards from 20 years ago while going through my grandparents’ stuff.”

17. “I found this little guy in my backyard this morning. He was just resting.”

18. “I found this very solemn eggplant.”

19. “This big orange mushroom I found today”

20. “My friend lost his wallet earlier this week. Found it today magnetized to his car.”

What’s the lucky thing that’s happened to you recently? How did you capture the moment when it happened?

Preview photo credit mvdonkey / Reddit


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