20 Photos Showing How Sometimes Life Serves You a Bad Meal

2 years ago

Unlucky, bad things don’t always happen on Friday the 13th or after you’ve crossed paths with a black cat. We all get unlucky from time to time and it’s nothing but a matter of circumstance. No, we may not be thrilled about how things go, but all we can do is move on.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to remind you that some things, no matter how annoying they are, can still be addressed in a funny manner.

1. “Forgot my plastic spatula in the oven while heating up my lasagna.”

2. “My sister asked for a Nintendo Switch for Christmas. Her boyfriend must have misunderstood.”

3. “Been staying at my grandma’s over the holidays. She thought it was time to pass down her wedding dress.”

4. “This woman on my flight put her seat back and sat like this the entire time.”

5. “I guess today I won’t be wearing my eyeshadow.”

6. “My daughter gave herself a haircut today.”

7. “When your tire goes bazooka”

8. “My wife got a tattoo yesterday. Our 2-year-old daughter has Down syndrome and this was for her.”

9. “On the left is my cousin’s dress she designed. On the right is the dress that some brand copied from her.”

10. “I ordered 2 shirts online and received 40 pounds of security tags and a coupon.”

11. “My dog got a little excited when I arrived home for the holidays.”

12. “This is what you see when you turn your porch light on in Arkansas.”

13. “Tried to take a picture of my dogs being all cute sitting together...got this instead.”

14. “Dropped my cologne in my sink.”

15. “My friend refused to ask for help while putting sunscreen on, and this is the result.”

16. “Saw this frightening guy in my garage.”

17. “So I walked into the kitchen at 5:30 a.m. and saw this in the sink. This is not my cat.”

18. “I let my cousin cut my hair. Turns out I’m a Belcher.”

19. “Sat down to pee. Looked up and saw this looking back.”

20. “My mom washed my favorite sweater. Is this THE LEWK?”

What has been the most annoying and frustrating situation you’ve ever found yourself in? Were you responsible for it or someone else?

Preview photo credit jonek1999 / reddit


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