15 Designs That Should Have Never Become a Reality

2 years ago

One detail off and you get a curved, upside-down bench that doesn’t actually allow anyone to use it for sitting. It might sound bizarre and extreme, but that’s exactly how design works. And because nobody is perfect, even designers, sometimes people come across creations that make us facepalm.

Now I’ve Seen Everything tracked down a few things that could use a makeover.

1. “Meet my high school’s wildcat mascot.”

2. “This bench with 2 backs and no seat that I saw on a walk”

3. “The tiny armrest I had on my flight”

4. “Bedsheets that look like you constantly wet them”

5. “For the wall traffic indeed”

6. “I can’t tell on which floor I am.”

7. “Stairs to more stairs”

8. “The Australian Fanta can”

9. We are big fans of this design.

10. “We have 14 letters, let’s turn it into a clock.”

11. “I’ll...use the other door.”

12. “This bathroom stall at my school”

13. “Scale is a social construct, and therefore, can be ignored.”

14. Not the smoothest ride for your spine...

15. “Fish scale stairs at my grandma’s”

Have you ever encountered a poor design? Tell us your story!

Preview photo credit s***cerebrum / Reddit


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