Does he love me? 17 Clear Signs That Your Partner Is Truly in Love With You

As a concept, love is something that different people have different opinions about. However, when we talk about a healthy version of love, it requires certain things to thrive and last in time. For example, what love shouldn’t have is angry reactions towards your partner when they give you their feedback. But, we are not here to tell you what love isn’t, but which of your partner’s behavior shows that they look at you like they see you in their future.

And for many people, love is forever and they know and feel it deep in their hearts and they work harder and harder every day to keep their relationship strong. They learn that it’s okay to make mistakes but also apologize later and make sure to resolve any issues that may be lingering. Even the smallest gestures are enough to keep their love burning and they don’t need anything more to keep them happy. However, there are cases where people feel that they truly love their boyfriend or girlfriend only for that feeling to quickly fade away.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves seeing people radiating from happiness and, hopefully, these hints will show you clearly if your partner is truly invested in your relationship. You just have to keep your eyes open when you see them and not ignore them.

1. Someone who loves with you corrects your mistakes

Honesty is everything when you are questioning how to know whether someone is in love with you. When a person has honest feelings toward you, they will want what is best for you. This means they will give you positive feedback and correct your mistakes in a healthy way.

But pay close attention to this signal, someone who loves you will never put you down by pointing out your flaws all the time. It is all about enhancing your best qualities and encouraging you to become a better version of yourself.

2. Someone who loves you will act naturally

The first place you need to start when trying to figure out if someone is in love with you is their behavior around you. Most people behave differently when they are in public than when they are with someone who makes them feel comfortable. If you see your partner acting shy in public, but opening up to you by showing a more honest side, chances are high that they love you.

Showing a more honest side means not looking perfect all the time — just tearing down all the walls and not being afraid to look silly. Also, being able to share your deepest emotions is a good indication that someone loves you.

3. They will mirror your body language

The person you love will act as if they are you. In other words, they’ll admire your actions and accept them. This happens because our brain produces mirror neurons for people we have empathy for or love. Mirror neurons indicate comfort and trust.

Also, while having a conversation with your partner, it is said that if they are wholly oriented to your side, then they are in love with you. It is a great sign to check whether they really love you because when facing their torso to your side, they’re being more receptive to you than others.

4. You both have fun together in any situation

Having fun is one of the “I love you signs” that you need to pay attention to. The next time you’re out with that special someone, check to see if you’re having fun together, even when you’re not doing a fun activity, per se. It is just the simple fact that the 2 of you can share some quality time that shows whether someone is in love with you.

When the feeling is mutual, no matter what you’re doing, they’ll be happy to see you. If someone truly loves you, they will even be happy to help you pull an all-nighter when working on a project. Although it may seem like a boring situation, your loved one will be happy to help you and spend time with you.

5. You both feel comfortable sharing secrets

When you hear your loved one tell you, “You are the first person I’ve ever told this to...” then this is one of the good signs that you are loved by that person. Opening up to someone is not easy. A dose of love is required to tell your partner about your secrets, your fears, and all the special moments of your life. By the time you both feel comfortable sharing deep conversations, you may already be in a relationship.

6. If someone really loves you they will not stop staring at you

Some people say that love starts with the eyes. What we know to be true is that when someone really loves you, they will try to make eye contact most of the time. The next time you feel like you need to know how to prove that someone loves you, ask your partner out on a date and pay close attention to their eyes as you talk. When someone is in love with you, they will look into your eyes more directly and for a longer period of time. This translates into an emotional connection.

You might also notice a dilation of their pupils if you stare at their eyes continuously. When this happens, you are in safe mode because your partner loves you. Oxytocin and dopamine, the 2 “love hormones,” influence the size of the pupils. Whenever we are attracted to someone, we produce more of these chemicals in our brain and apparently, this causes our pupils to dilate.

7. The one who really loves you will also give you space

But as much as someone misses you when you’re away, someone who loves you knows when to give you space. Maintaining some independence is part of mature love. You don’t have to be together all the time to show love to each other.

When you want to figure out whether someone loves you, make sure that person gives you the freedom to do your own things. Remember that love should not feel like a cage.

8. If someone truly loves you they will ask about your opinion

When you truly love someone, you care about them. So you should expect the same from the other person. Even when it comes to making small decisions, someone who loves you will care about your opinion. They will ask for your advice and appreciate your point of view.

9. They introduce you to their inner circle

Introducing someone to your inner circle of friends and family is not something you would do with just anyone. The same applies to the other person. If someone loves you, they will want you to meet those people who are important to them. Your partner will want you to connect with their family and friends so that you can build a stronger connection.

10. Your anger doesn’t last for more than 3 days

It is normal to be angry with your partner from time to time since a relationship includes all kinds of emotions. Nevertheless, if this anger persists for more than 3 days, you may lose your relationship. In our anger, we release a bunch of toxic chemicals that damage our relationships as well as the health of our partners.

11. Texts and calls when you’re away are signs that someone loves you

When you distance yourself from your loved one and your partner sends you tons of messages once you are apart, that is one of the signs you are loved. If it’s true love, expect to get calls and texts telling you how much they miss you. But do not be confused! It’s not about quantity, but quality. If someone truly loves you, they will make an effort to keep in touch with you, but will not overwhelm you with their presence.

If it has been more than 48 hours since you spoke, it is a warning sign. Frequent exchange of words is a good sign that your partner loves you. If no talking is done within this time, the outcome may be one you don’t want to hear. Perhaps the person doesn’t like you as much if they don’t call or text you.

12. You can tell if someone loves you by their body language

Finally, if someone really loves you, the secret to detecting their true feelings is hidden in the small details. When someone is in love with you, they will show their love with physical contact. But this physical contact is special — it is not about hugging or holding hands, but about the way it is done.

When your partner gives you an extra sweet squeeze when holding your hand, hugs you from behind, or their feet are facing you when you’re having a conversation, these are small but honest signs that someone is in love with you.

13. Your intelligence may be the reason why someone loves you

Meaningful compliments are signs someone is in love with you. When your loved one appreciates your qualities and highlights your personality through meaningful compliments, like appreciating your intelligence or the way you make them feel, then it is true love.

You should be appreciated for who you are and not just for how you look. How do you know when someone loves you? When they compliment you for what can’t be seen but felt.

14. They open up to you and expect you to do the same

We all feel vulnerable in our relationships, but it’s difficult to build a strong one without sharing your thoughts and feelings. If your partner is ready to overcome the fear of rejection and be open with you about their fears and problems, they trust you and can see a future with you. And this works both ways: they’re interested in knowing your true self, not just the pretty armor you may have been putting on.

We all have skeletons in our closets and it’s completely fine that for some people they can be a deal breaker. But if your partner knows a lot about your past, including the moments you’re not very proud of and he’s still with you, he’s probably more into you than you think. Embracing all the sides of another person, and not just the pleasant ones, is a sign of a mature relationship and love.

15. You can tell if someone loves you by the way they act around you

When you’re still in the “getting to know each other” phase and wondering how you know when someone loves you, here’s an easy trick. When a person is really into you and sees you as more than just a friend, they will act giddy. Whenever you are together, you can tell if there is more than friendship if the person laughs for no reason, is very excited, and smiles at most things you say.

This nervous energy can be a sign that someone loves you. Even when you don’t say something super funny — their giggle gives it away.

16. They are more aware of how their behavior can affect you

We all have our patterns of behavior and don’t always fully understand how they affect other people. If you notice that your partner is becoming more self-aware and is trying to behave in a way so that you won’t get hurt or disappointed, this is a good sign. But keep in mind that if you’re concerned about something or want them to act differently, it’s better to have a conversation and not expect them to understand it on their own.

17. When someone loves you their skin glows.

Their glowing face is a sign of their love for you. Observe their gestures and actions more closely, and you will notice that they are always happy and smiling. If they love you, they will act that way simply because their body releases so many hormones. Oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin are exactly what our skin needs to keep its youthful state and make ageing go easy on us.

Our skin becomes firmer, microcirculation is improved and we have this general feeling of euphoria and happiness. Not only that, but research has shown that couples have a great influence on one another and they help each other make better choices. Your partner might help you quit an unhealthy habit that was harming you all along.


1. Stories from online users.

  • “It’s not silly, tell me more.” As someone who grew up always being told my hyper-focus in books/games/movies was “silly” and that “no one cares,” it is nothing but pure love to have someone tell me that they genuinely want to know more. — TheCrimsonValley / Reddit
  • Not being hurtful/mean/disrespectful, even during a me it means that yes, we are having a disagreement right now but I still love you, respect you as an individual, and treat you as my partner, not a punching bag. — I-got-wings / Reddit
  • Actually listening to me when I have concerns over how YOU act/treat me, listening with compassion and sincere willingness to consider my side and set your ego aside. If my ex would have been able to do this the last time we spoke, I wouldn’t have left him. — la_se***cisto / Reddit
  • My girlfriend makes coffee every morning. She doesn’t have to be up until 3 hours after me. This simple act was something she just sorted of starting doing one morning. Some mornings she will go right back to bed as soon as the pot is started, and other mornings she’ll stay up with me and we will have our coffee together. But no matter what, there’s always coffee in the morning. It puts a smile on my face every morning. — wehosh / Reddit
  • When my significant other and I are jogging, he’ll put his arms on my waist or shoulder and guide me out of a bikers’ ways. He does this because whenever someone coming up behind me calls out, “Coming up on your left!” My brain freaks out and I automatically move to the left. So instead, he’ll just guide me out of the way. It’s so subtle and sweet. — theWildBore / Reddit
  • My husband brings me a cup of coffee every morning when I wake up. Also, we used to live in a very drafty old house that was always cold. I worked nights and would come home and have to get into a cold bed. My husband started sleeping on my side and when I would get home, he would move over to his cold side and let me climb into my nice warm side. He’s a keeper. 29 years and counting... — oh_Micki / Reddit
  • When my ex was in the shower during the winter months, I’d throw a towel in the dryer. Then when she finished, I’d bring it in so as soon she stepped out into the cold air, I could wrap her in the warm towel. After a few minutes, the towel would inevitably cool off and she’d say, “That felt so nice. I wish the towel stayed warm!” and little did she know...I had a second warm towel waiting in the dryer. I did all sorts of these little things, and seeing her eyes light up when I did them made it all worth it. — thenycnegotiator / Reddit

2. How to get over someone who doesn’t love you back.

  • If you can’t avoid meeting this person completely, try to keep your thoughts far away from them. Even if the person you love is in the same room as you, it doesn’t mean that you should always think of them. Turn the stream of your thoughts to another direction. Think of your personal dreams and desires, not of the happiness in your relationships.
  • You are not the only person who has relationship problems. Many people have experienced the pain of unrequited love, and they got past it. Tell your close ones about your feelings. Ask them how they survived it and what they did to release the pain. Sometimes all you need is to hear simple words like, “How well I understand you.”
  • When you are absorbed in your own dark thoughts, you usually start neglecting yourself. Even if you feel nothing but pain and can’t do anything, take care of your appearance and health. Take a warm bubble bath with salts. Make a cup of tasty herbal tea, and drink it with pleasure. Don’t rush to make decisions or take action, especially if they are dangerous to your health or life.
  • There are many ways to restore your emotional balance. The most effective of them is physical exercises. They can help you to get rid of your negativity. Start jogging every morning or go to fitness classes. Go to the gym or to a swimming pool. Learn how to ride a horse — you will definitely get a lot of positive emotions from communication with animals.
  • Love failures are a part of life. If something goes contrary to your plans, you shouldn’t start hating yourself or all the representatives of the opposite sex. Believe that you will see your own happy ending. And don’t wish bad luck on your beloved one — they don’t have to make sacrifices for your happiness.
    Put yourself in this person’s shoes: are you ready to live your whole life with someone you feel only pity for? It’s better to think of all the good memories you had together and go on with a smile on your face.

If you have found your life partner, what other things would you say are important to show you that someone is truly in love with you?


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