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2 years ago

No matter how often we do it, cleaning is a must in our daily or weekly schedule. As soon as we’ve made our house look flawless, we feel more at peace about everything else in our lives. Some people clean their jewelry; others choose to go for a power wash, giving their yard a total makeover.

Now I’ve Seen Everything came across the following collection of before and afters, and one thing is for sure—we must add a power washer to our wish list!

1. “Oh, hey, look, color.”

It’s simply worth doing a pressure washing for a before and after like this. Who knew there are such beautiful and unusual colors hiding beneath all that grime! Perhaps if you were to invest in a power washer, you can find something similar to this gem hiding somewhere in your house.

2. “It’s not painted green, that’s just years of gunk.”

3. “Power washing the garden steps today”

4. “3 hours of pure hardcore moss annihilation. Worth every backache.”

This is the kind of power washing before and after that makes us weak in the knees. Suddenly, these bricks look like they belong in a 5 star resort hotel somewhere in Spain. And the best part is that they didn’t even need to put too much effort into this one. The pressure washer is basically doing the job for you, all you gotta do is aim it correctly and enjoy the unfolding magic.

5. “Cleaning off a few years’ worth of gunk from our family’s 40-foot trawler”

6. “Really happy with this”

Oh man, another lucky discovery of some unexpected color going on. This power washing example made the before and after pics look like two different locations. Not only did they transform the floor, but they also used their pressure washer to take care of the walls and the little fence around the house. Now, we don’t have a house to do something like this in, but we’re willing to buy the grimiest house just to power wash it to perfection.

7. “Spring cleaning the camper”

8. “Satisfying stuff!”

9. “Just need a new net now...”

If you didn’t know, pressure washing can also protect you from spending money on replacing something old. This basketball hoop looked like it’s seen its better days, they must’ve been thinking about getting a new one. But the power washer came to the rescue. Now this before and after is absolutely astonishing. All neighborhood kids must be flocking to their yard for a friendly basketball game every day.

10. “I don’t think this chair has ever seen a wash before.”

If we had a power washer, we’d probably try it out on every single object around us. Just look at this chair, isn’t this before and after just a feast for your eyes? Not that white plastic chairs are super appealing, but there’s something about this one that looks perfect. It must be how clean it is, yep.

11. “Halfway through”

12. “Power washed my stans”

The difference here is kinda subtle, but we still love this power wash before and after example. The thing is, the left shoe looks brand new, and the longer you stare at them, the more you begin to appreciate the difference. Oh yeah, and this is in case you didn’t you can power wash your shoes. The possibilities with pressure washing are literally endless!

13. “Brick transformation!”

14. “Very happy with how this turned out!”

Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of dirt and discoloration to make your house look like it’s in the need of a renovation. But look closely, perhaps all it needs is a good pressure wash? In this before and after, we can see that under a pretty thick layer of green grime, there were perfectly white railings and stairs. With the help of a quick power wash, they became pristine again. Also note the color of the house, the green is much more bright now. All it took was a little maintenance.

15. “I cleaned my outdoor chairs. I’m in love.”

16. “Side-by-side of my antique doorknobs. The left one was just cleaned for the first time after (an estimated) 80 years.”

17. “Fence is old, but she has some life left in her!”

Some life? This baby has a few generations ahead of her, that’s for sure. It’s frankly unbelievable what a power washer can do. The right side looks like it was scorched by the fire, but then again, no. It was probably just years of dirt accumulating on this perfectly preserved wood. Thankfully, the owners didn’t just get rid of the whole thing, but took care of it and saved some serious bucks on replacing an entire fence.

18. “My first time with a power washer”

19. “Power washing, sanding, and oil this weekend on a 20-year-old teak bench”

Okay, sometimes it takes a bit more than a power washer. But we bet the sanding and oiling would’ve been impossible if they didn’t get rid of that thick layer of mold all over the bench. We can’t even imagine what that bench went through, but we’re happy to see it survived the mold attack and it’s now getting a second life.

20. “This has become my new stress reliever.”

21. “Silver jewelry before and after!”

We didn’t think about it, but apparently, you can use your nifty power washer even on your jewelry! The difference here is absolutely staggering. Just to think how many necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings we’ve gave up on due to some discoloration, when the solution was always so simple! It’s also a lovely way to give old family heirlooms a new life. Vintage is coming back in style anyway, so let’s greet it with some good pressure washing.

22. “Revealed its true colors”

How does this floor look like marble? Is this place even real? We feel like we’re staring at a painting, it’s so perfect! Just imagine the satisfaction the owners felt when they took their pressure washer to that thing and watched the magic unfold. If this is on Airbnb, we’d love to pay a visit. Also use the power washer because it looks satisfying.

23. "Backyard saved!

We’re going to be honest, we kinda expected those stones to be orange or yellow because of all that dirt on top. But it turned out grayish blue, which makes much more sense with the chosen furniture for the patio.

24. “I thought it was just a bad stain...”

25. “I think I’ve found my new favorite hobby.”

Again, very subtle before and after power wash, but it made all the difference. There’s something repulsive about that moldy green color, so once it’s gone, it’s like a band-aid for our souls. Power washing doesn’t have to transform your entire surrounding to be satisfying. Just the mere idea of your house being clean is already so comforting.

Is there anything around your house you’d love to get power-washed?

Preview photo credit McWitt / Reddit


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