15 Examples of Genetics’ Power to Copy and Paste Full Humans

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There’s no need to scientifically study genetics to see its mindblowing abilities. All it takes is a good look at people who resemble their ancestors in a way that makes us think we’re seeing double. Luckily, folks often take to social media to prove to the world that the apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Now I’ve seen Everything rounded up cases where people got the gift of ultimate resemblance from their genes.

1. Like mother, like daughter

2. “My mom & I, 30 years apart”

3. Father vs Son

4. “My great-grandmother and I, 80 years apart.”

5. “Left: My father in the ’80s, Right: Me in 2010”

6. “My dad — My son”

7. “My mom (left) age 4 in 1971. Me (right) age 4 in 2001. I see why people say we look alike.”

8. “My grandma’s Lebanese passport picture from 1955 (left) and me in the present (right)”

9. “Me at 3 months old in the ’80s and my son at the same age in 2022”

10. “Always been told I look like my grandma.”

11. “Me with my dad and me with my first son 39 years apart”

12. “My father with me (1988) vs Me and my daughter (2021)”

13. “Me in 1988 vs My daughter in 2021”

14. “Recreated a 31 year old photo of my dad with me at 5 weeks old.”

15. “I fused an old picture of my mom (left) with a picture of myself (right)”

Who do you look most like? Do you have any pics of when your grandparents were young? Share them with us!

Preview photo credit yessykeena / Reddit


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