15 People Who Proudly Showed Their Before-and-Afters

2 years ago

Some people just need a bit more time, and even a touch of hard work, to achieve the looks they’ve always wanted. Whether they dropped weight, got braces, or simply let puberty do its work, the transformations can be quite impressive. Luckily, these folks are proud of them and make sure to share them online.

Now I’ve Seen Everythings introduces you to a few people who blossomed into gorgeous individuals.

1. “11 to 30 years-old. Braces were good to me.”

2. “They used to call me ’pretty’ as a joke.”

3. “The difference between the photos is 13 years. I had to miss my 10-year reunion, unfortunately.”

4. “A decade of growing up and learning how to do makeup”

5. “Me, early-20s-looking troll man to more normal-looking dude in his 30s.”

6. The difference 10 years and hard work makes.

7. “Got away from the neglect and then out of the abusive relationship, and all of a sudden...”

8. “Thankfully I didn’t have an Instagram back then.”

9. “Growing up from 20 to 30. Still as big a nerd as ever, just with a bit more confidence.”

10. “It’s been a heck of a ride from 15 to 18 years old.”

11. “15 years old to 26 years old. I used to cut my hair short so I looked like a guy and food was my warm blanket.”

12. “From being picked on at school for being ugly, to part-time model.”

13. “17 to 28 years old. Some of us don’t hit puberty until we’re almost 30.”

14. “Age 10 to 18. Thank goodness for braces — my teeth are straight now, I swear.”

15. “18 to 27”

Did you have an awkward phase growing up? If you’re not shy, share your own before and after pics with us!


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