15+ Famous People Portraits That Are Basically Lies

4 weeks ago

Step right up and prepare to be amazed, or perhaps baffled, by these 15+ famous portraits that are, quite frankly, far from the truth! From questionable artistic interpretations to downright misleading depictions, we’ve gathered a collection of portraits that will leave you scratching your head and wondering, “Is that really what they looked like?”

1. Catherine, Princess of Wales (born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, 1982 — present)

CHRIS JACKSON/AFP/East News, © tatlermagazine / Instagram

A recently revealed portrait of Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, has garnered significant attention and controversy. The painting, created by artist Alastair Barford, features Middleton wearing an emerald green gown and looking away from the viewer. While some have praised the artist’s unique vision, many have criticized the portrait for its lack of resemblance to the Princess, with one comment stating, “This looks nothing like the Princess of Wales. It’s so awful, it’s disrespectful.”

2. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the mother of Queen Elizabeth II (1900 — 2002)

Image State / The Print Collector / East News, Ken Welsh / Design Pics RM / East News

3. Queen Victoria (1819 — 1901)

Roland Garel Collection / SIPA / Sipa Press / East News, © Charles Knight / Wikimedia Commons, © CC0 1.0

4. Sophie of Württemberg, Queen of the Netherlands (1818 — 1877)

5. Charlotte of Belgium (1840 — 1927)

6. Maria Christina of Austria, Queen-consort of Spain (1858 — 1929)

Fine Art Images / Image State / East News, Album / Prisma / East News

7. Mary of Teck, the spouse of George V (1867 — 1953)

UIG Art and History / Universal History Archive / Universal Images Group / East News, Mary Evans Picture Library / Mary Evans Picture Library / East News

8. Isabella II of Spain (1830 — 1904)

Album Online / East News, Album Online / East News

9. Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom, Queen Victoria’s fifth daughter (1857 — 1944)

© Philip de László / Wikimedia Commons, © CC0 1.0, Mary Evans / Grenville Collins Postcard Collection / East News

10. Maria Luisa of Bourbon-Parma, Princess-consort of Bulgaria (1870 — 1899)

11. Princess Helena of the United Kingdom (1846 — 1923)

12. Victoria, Princess Royal, German Empress (1840 — 1901)

13. Alexandra of Denmark, the spouse of Edward VII (1844 — 1925)

© Luke Fildes / Wikimedia Commons, © CC0 1.0, Ann Ronan Picture Library / Image State / East News

14. Princess Alice of Battenberg, the mother-in-law of Queen Elizabeth II (1885 — 1969)

© Philip de László / Wikimedia Commons, © CC0 1.0, Mary Evans Picture Library / East News

15. Vincent van Gogh (1853 — 1890)

16. Charles III, King of the United Kingdom (1948 — present)

A newly unveiled portrait of King Charles III has stirred up a range of reactions among the public. The painting, which is the first official portrait since his coronation, showcases the King dressed in his royal regalia, including the Robes of State. While some appreciate the traditional and regal aura the artwork exudes, others find the depiction less appealing. One comment bluntly stated, “That is hideous.” The mixed responses highlight the varying perspectives on artistic style and the public’s perception of the monarch’s image.

As we’ve seen, artistic interpretations can sometimes miss the mark when capturing the true essence of famous figures. But what if we took a different approach and gave iconic artworks a contemporary twist? Stay tuned for our next article, where we reimagine 13 renowned masterpieces with a modern touch.

Preview photo credit CHRIS JACKSON/AFP/East News, tatlermagazine / Instagram


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