15 Gifts From the Universe That Threw People For a Loop

2 years ago

Our brain loves it when something we might enjoy pops out of the blue, according to research. It responds more strongly than when we receive something we like while expecting it. This is especially great because the world never gets tired of throwing surprises our way. Whether they’re one of Mother Nature’s wonders or a mighty coincidence, it’s hard to not grab for the camera once they’re in our way.

Now I’ve Seen Everything comes to you with a special delivery of some people’s most remarkable finds.

1. “A strange light phenomenon we saw.”

2. “Lizard eggs (I hope) nestled in an outlet box”

3. “Awesome ice formation surrounding a single leaf on top of my car this morning.”

4. “This extremely narrow building”

5. “This cow, dabbing in the wild”

6. “Clovers growing in my cactus”

7. “The puddle reflecting the sun looks like a portal to space.”

8. “This lump of mud and grass that looks like a porcupine”

9. “Some split clouds from earlier today”

10. “My donkey’s tooth came in at the center of his mouth. I call it cyclops tooth!”

11. “This jellyfish I caught a picture of looks like it’s in space.”

12. “This stack of papers kind of looks like Master Shake.”

13. “I left a cabbage in my fridge too long and now it’s pregnant.”

14. “Found a double banana.”

15. “My cat, Bo, has her name on her back.”

What was the last time you noticed something truly unexpected in your life? Drop a comment.


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