20 People Whose Day Could Certainly Be Improved

2 years ago

Stepping in mud with your white sneakers or breaking your cologne bottle on the bathroom floor. Every once in a while, something happens that makes your day a lot less amusing. These unfortunate events may leave you not knowing what to do, but some folks take to Reddit to warn others.

Now I’ve Seen Everything shows you examples of how sideways an ordinary day can turn.

1. “You are NOT going to believe what happened while you were gone.”

2. “My mother-in-law started the dishwasher for us when we were away. She used dish soap.”

3. “Dropped 2 pies on the floor as they were coming out of the oven.”

4. “Flew 13 hours to Hawaii to see Volcanoes National Park.”

5. “Now my bedroom smells like a night club.”

6. “My son decided to swallow a nickel and turn $0,05 into $4,400.”

7. “I just spent over an hour in traffic on my way to work. Only then did I look down.”

8. “Finally got my license and it came expired.”

9. “I was told I couldn’t smile for the picture on my driver’s license. This is good to go through.”

10. “It was windy today.”

11. “How’s this TV in my hotel? I should’ve brought the telescope.”

12. “My 20-year-old tree planted when I was born got uprooted in a windstorm back home last night.”

13. “A photographer captured the exact moment I realized I would be bullied for the rest of grade school.”

14. “Some poor kid’s Croc and sock got jammed in the escalator.”

15. “Thieves stole my steering wheel. Now I can only drive straight.”

16. “Checked into the last room available late last night in the middle of nowhere.”

17. “On my way to the market, I stepped in a bit of mud.”

18. “No morning swim today.”

19. “A bottle of sweet-and-sour sauce exploded in my bag.”

20. “So, how is your morning going?”

Which of these little tragedies hit closest to home?

Preview photo credit kpclaypool / Reddit


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