15 Hollywood Heartthrobs Through Time That Show How Male Beauty Standards Have Changed

6 months ago

Ever since cinema came to be, people have been falling head over heels with actors. Along with their talent, their charisma and handsome looks made it easy for them to steal the show. However, beauty standards are constantly evolving and with them so do our beloved on-screen hunks.

1920s: Clark Gable

The “King of Hollywood” was famous for his role as Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind.

1930s: Cary Grant

Grant starred alongside Audrey Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby.

1940s: Frank Sinatra

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One of the most influential musical artists in the 20th century with songs like “My Way” and “Fly Me To The Moon.”

1950s: Marlon Brando

The Godfather was one of Brando’s best works.

1950s: Elvis Presley

The “King of Rock and Roll” was famous for songs like “Jailhouse Rock” and “Love Me Tender.”

1960s: Sean Connery

The retired Scottish actor was the first to play the James Bond character in a movie.

1970s: Harrison Ford

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Ford was well-known for his roles as Han Solo in Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

1980s: Richard Gere

Gere’s work in American Gigolo established him as a sex symbol.

1980s: Pierce Brosnan

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The Irish actor starred in 4 James Bond movies.

1990s: Brad Pitt


Some of Pitt’s greatest commercial successes have been Troy and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

2000s: Idris Elba


The English actor who is known for his work on the BBC One series Luther was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2018.

2000s: Hugh Jackman


Needless to say, Jackman’s best known work is Wolverine aka Logan in the X-Men franchise.

2010s: Dwayne Johnson

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The wrestler turned actor found successes in both and is known for his WWE performances and The Fast and the Furious franchise.

2010s: Chris Hemsworth

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With his golden locks and muscular arms, the Australian actor is the best Thor anyone could hope for.

2020s: Chris Evans

Evans was considered the Sexiest Man Alive in 2022, according to People magazine.


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