15 Hysterical Animals That Could Star in Their Own Sitcom

2 years ago

All animals are special, but some take it up a notch. From standing like a person when they beg to being overly excited about soap bubbles, in a second, animals can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one. Even though not everyone is a pet owner, we can all enjoy their amusing actions online.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gifts you with a display of incredibly endearing and humorous animal pics.

1. “I don’t know why Bella stands like a man when she begs.”

2. When you sleep for 16 hours a day, and it still isn’t enough:

3. " I guess he’s just hungry."

4. “This is the ridiculous face Pepper makes after getting peanut butter.”

5. Just hanging, what’s up?

6. “Stayed like this for about 5 minutes”

7. “Look at my chicken legs, human.”

8. “End of the day derp”

9. “This is Nova. I’m so glad I captured this face today.”

10. “My girlfriend’s dog greeting me at the window”

11. Please share the name of your yoga instructor, we’re jealous!

12. That’s a face that enjoys water.

13. “Every time I bring him to work with me, he squeezes into my desk chair and stays there the whole day.”

14. “My dog really loves bubbles.”

15. “Wick flipping out about the snow”

Share your pictures of animal derps with us in the comment section below; we’d be happy to see them!

Preview photo credit Emi-Bo-Bemi / Reddit


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