15 People Who Test Their Partners’ Patience With Their Strange Habits

2 years ago

Sharing your life with someone else has its challenges, even if that “someone else” is your soulmate. As much as we’d like to deny it, we all have quirks that can be a bit annoying to others. Whether it’s the way we eat or how we deal with electronics, some things are bound to strike a nerve.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found some examples of what disturbs the peace of those in relationships.

1. “My husband goes out in public like this.”

2. “My husband saw my computer and wanted to scream.”

3. “My girlfriend refuses to eat the ’crust’ of a pancake.”

4. “My girlfriend puts trash on the counter because she ’thinks the trash can is too gross to touch.’ We have an automatic lid.”

5. “The way my boyfriend brutalizes the butter”

6. “How my boyfriend eats burgers”

7. “I asked my wife if she could take down the lights on the Christmas tree while I was at work. This is what I came back to.”

8. “This is how my significant other takes her medicine.”

9. “I asked my boyfriend to cut my toast into triangles.”

10. “My husband is technologically challenged.”

11. “No matter how many times I tell my girlfriend, it ends up right in the middle.”

12. “My girlfriend moved in.”

13. “I went to make a poached egg for breakfast. It turns out my wife was baking yesterday.”

14. “My girlfriend’s iPhone charging cable which she refuses to change because ’it works.’”

15. “My wife never fully screws the lids back onto anything.”

What quirks does your significant other have? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit new2thespectrum / Reddit


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