15 Items That Were Built to Stand the Test of Time

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For something to become an heirloom, it has to survive long enough for generations to come to see it. Although not all “old” objects are passed down to family, their longevity is still very much appreciated. Whether it’s a century-old sewing machine or a piece of clothing from your childhood that your own children get to wear, these items are the definition of durability.

Now I’ve Seen Everything shows you a few things that need no warranty because they’re bound to last forever.

1. “Me in my Snoopy sweater in 1981 and my son in the same sweater in 2017”

2. “3 generations, one dress (my grandma in 1964, my mom in 1991, and me in 2017)”

3. “Original Game Boy still works like a charm.”

4. “This 1920s or ’30s fridge has been in the family for decades and still works fine.”

5. “I have used this Goody brand comb every day for nearly 20 years and it’s still in great shape.”

6. “Still using my HP-15C from high school — 40 years ago. It’s a little beaten up, but it works great.”

7. “My girlfriend’s 1950s Frigidaire stove which is replacing a far newer and much harder to fix stove.”

8. “Motorola Razr, purchased in 2006”

9. “Used to belong to my grandparents and has been reupholstered a bunch of times, 1920 to 1930.”

10. “This used to wake me up for school in the 5th grade. I’m 39 now.”

11. “Restoring the wooden beams of my house and found this — September 15, 1664.”

12. “Our Singer sewing machine, 100 years old and works perfectly.”

13. “My grandpa just gifted me this nineteenth-century mandolin.”

14. “A waffle iron from the 1920s, still working flawlessly!”

15. “A gift bag my mom has been reusing for 39 years.”

Do you still have some things at home from the past?

Preview photo credit Polytetrahedron / Reddit


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