15 Lucky People Who Witnessed Moments of True Perfection and Caught Them on Camera

2 years ago

If something as simple as neatly lined up coffee mugs or the way new shirts are folded at the store can make you smile, then the pictures we chose for this article will definitely brighten your day. These photos were taken by true perfectionists who notice life’s little miracles and always have their cameras ready.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered 15 photos capturing the moments that prove true perfection does exist.

1. “My dog is the same color and texture as my rug.”

2. “My first ratatouille”

3. “The way my hand massager leaves prints”

4. “No yogurt got stuck on the foil!”

5. “The way these shirts are folded”

6. “These stacked chairs”

7. “When all your mugs go through the dishwasher at the same time, so you get to line them up perfectly...”

8. “I snapped this pic of a subway station in Toronto.”

9. “Saw this on my way back to Texas.”

10. “My Wii on my new TV stand”

11. “A head of garlic bought from the supermarket is just one massive clove.”

12. “My cat’s mittens perfectly line up with the top of the fridge.”

13. “The refraction rainbow from my glass shower door lined up perfectly with the water stream in my sink.”

14. “My pencil shaving came out perfectly; the graphite didn’t crumble away.”

15. “Perfectly aligned”

Have you ever encountered little moments of perfection like these in your life? Tell us in the comments!

Preview photo credit PlentyOfMoxie / Reddit


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