15+ Men Who Let Their Facial Hair Grow and Earned 1000 Attractive Points

2 years ago

Men who have more facial hair are more appealing for women, as confirmed by one study. And after looking at these before and after photos of people who decided to grow out their stubble, we are convinced that beards do have the power to bestow extra charm upon the person wearing them.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 15+ photos of men who prove that beards do grow on people, not just literally, but figuratively too.

1. “It’s been 2 years since I stopped the clean cut look and just grew a beard.”

2. “Beards make owners happier.”

3. “5 months of beard growth over 3 pics.”

4. “Growth after 6 weeks”

5. If Santa Claus were real, this would be him.

6. Joaquin Phoenix prefers having a beard when off stage.

7. “I’ve always been clean shaven. But I turned 21 and I let it grow out for first time.”

8. “If anyone tries to tell you that a beard is a bad thing, look what it did for me.”

9. “My progress after 3 months!”

10. 6 months into Viking transition

11. “In 6 months, I moved to a new city, went back to college, changed jobs twice, and last but not least — grew this beard.”

12. “Some faces need a beard!”

13. “6 month-beard.”

14. “I’m so glad I didn’t let the early patches stop me.”

15. “Time inverted my hair.”

16. “The beard kind of enhances your looks!”

17. Jake Gyllenhaal has been admired by many for his beard style.

Have you ever radically changed your style? Let’s share our stories in the comment section!


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