15 People Whose Determination Is Stronger Than The Hulk

2 years ago

Some folks can teach us a lesson in persistence. They set goals and fight fiercely to achieve them, like losing 230 lbs. Whether the obstacles are psychological or physical, these warriors show the world that never giving up has wonderful results.

Now I’ve Seen Everything hopes to inspire you with this display of weight loss pics.

1. “I lost 125 lbs in 18 months. In maintenance mode for the past 3 years.”

2. “4 years of progress. Maintaining now and working on tone”

3. “Happy birthday, me!”

4. “First time in my adult life being in the ‘normal’ BMI category! Sharing celebratory face gains today!”

5. “Never in my wildest dreams would I have considered posting a photo that didn’t cut off at the neck or have a filter.”

6. “1-year progress. Leaving a bad relationship and a lot of working on myself has me feeling the best I’ve felt in years.”

7. “Left: 16 years old, genuinely believed I would be a 40-year-old virgin. Right: 26 years old, much happier”

8. “230 lbs gone without surgery.”

9. “Same dress, new person! One year of no drinking and running 6 days a week”

10. “People used to call me ’cheeks.’ 10 years can do a lot!”

11. “Here’s to not peaking in high school.”

12. “Same bathroom, different girl”

13. “When I loved pizza and was insecure” vs “still love pizza and learned to love myself”

14. 10 to 20! My nickname used to be “ugly.”

15. 27 to 37. Getting older isn’t so bad :)

Which transformation was the most astonishing? Do you take before/after pictures?

Preview photo credit kevingendreau / Reddit


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