15+ Mysterious Items That Left Us With Many Questions and No Answers

2 years ago

Creativity can be a pretty tricky thing. It can lead to amazing discoveries and scientific breakthroughs, but it can also cause the creation of some items we might call questionable designer choices, at best. For example, there’s a wig made entirely of pasta, a dress with 4 sleeves, and tea in the form of an aerosol.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything believe that there can be no progress without hilarious fails (like the ones in this article), and we’d like to laugh at them together.

1. “DIY panters.”

2. “Went to Disneyland yesterday and saw this woman’s unfortunate wearing of her sweater.”

3. “Spotted this at work today. ’Chandelier’ made out of hangers.”

4. “This tea comes in an aerosol. Why?”

5. “This woman’s purse has a full-size clock in it.”

6. “Went to the toilet at a party and saw this dope shower.”

7. “This restaurant has tilted glasses.”

8. “Not quite a shower chair but it’ll do until it starts to reek.”

9. “My grandma has a picture framed of a framed picture.”

10. “This dress has 4 sleeves.”

11. “This flip-flop vending machine I found in Sidney.”

12. “This car is decorated with old floppy disks.”

13. “The handle for the toilet at this restaurant is a USB cable. You pull out the cable to flush.”

14. “Spotted at the local petting zoo.”

15. “Cup design that makes the drink look like it has actual fruit”

16. “This pasta wig”

What is something that you’ve recently spotted in life or on the internet that confused you so much about its design, that you couldn’t help but burst into laughter?

Preview photo credit danw547 / Reddit, incith / Imgur


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