22 People Who Bought Something Online and Really Regretted It

2 years ago

What a great feeling it is when you click on the “buy” button and all you have to do is wait a few days to receive what you’ve just purchased online. However, things don’t always go as expected because when the desired product arrives, sometimes it’s very different from what we ordered.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is sharing the experiences of people who aren’t entirely happy with what they bought online.

1. “My Sporty Spice costume just came in. Nailed it.”

2. “Pretty mild, but still frustrating”

3. “Buying a kids’ dinosaur pillowcase”

4. “Yeah but no, Amazon...”

5. “Expectation vs reality”

6. “The number of carrots included in my subscription meal kit”

7. “So I ordered a Knuckles plushie online...”

8. “A Togepi plush I ordered from Wish vs what I actually received today. Unbelievable.”

9. “What could go wrong ordering a $100 wedding dress online from Wish?”

10. “Lesson learned!”

11. “I expected nothing and was still disappointed.”

12. “Found this mask online.”

13. My new bath mat finally arrived!"

14. “Online shopping — I ordered an XL.”

15. “The dress I ordered vs what arrived a month late”

16. “Kill...me...”

17. “Where are my M&Ms?”

18. “I still got compliments on it, but mostly, I gave people the creeps!😃”

19. “SpongeBob popsicle...”

20. “What I ordered vs what I got”

21. “I can’t believe it!”

22. “Camping food reality 💩”

What have you tried to buy online that didn’t turn out as you expected?

Preview photo credit trickpixie / Reddit


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