18 Photos That Clearly Show There’s Nothing Time Cannot Change

2 years ago

Time flies incredibly fast, and you might not even realize how many years have actually passed until you look at familiar old things that changed beyond recognition. From your favorite childhood toys to a well-worn pair of shoes, time has the power to change everything. And although this might feel a tad bittersweet, it definitely makes you appreciate every moment even more.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered for you 18 side-by-side photos that prove time can change everything.

1. “My blankie I’ve had for 41 years”

2. Our 1-year progress

3. “My 3-year-old daughter’s much-loved rabbit and its identical Christmas replacement”

4. What 7 years can do

5. “Generations of deer rubbing their antlers on the only ’tree’ for miles”

6. ’’My brother and I each received identical teddy bears when we were born. I liked mine more.’’

7. ’’My owner no longer refers to me as his chunky boy.’’

8. ’’Got mildly better at grooming over the years.’’

9. ’’This key after 10 years of entering orders at my grandmother’s shop’’

10. ’’My dad’s tree is swallowing his thermometer.’’

11. “Nearly 2 years of hard work and dedication”

12. ’’My teal Post-Its turned green while I was out of the office for 15 months.’’

13. ’’All the letters on my girlfriend’s lotion bottle started falling off.’’

14. ’’When I learned how to start shaving and escape the neckbeard’’

15. ’’The knife on the left was used by a butcher for 5 years. The other one is the exact same knife, but brand new.’’

16. ’’It’s about time I bought new shoes.’’

17. 13 to 23: what 10 years can do!

18. “Old vs new Monopoly pieces”

Do you like seeing things around you change, or do you prefer them to remain the same? Can you think of one thing that can stay totally unaffected by time?

Preview photo credit Jones508 / Reddit


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