15 Parents Who Every Day Face Their Kid’s Peculiar Humor

6 months ago

Having kids is like having a surprise laughter package every day. You never know when they’ll say something hilarious out of the blue. It could be during dinner or just a casual chat in the car. Kids have this amazing talent for making us laugh with their funny comments and innocent views on things.

  • While having dinner last night, my daughter looked up at me and asked, “Daddy, you’re the boss in our family, right?”. Proudly, I replied, “Yes, my little princess, yes I am.” She continued, “That’s because mommy put you in charge, right?”
    © madazzahatter / Reddit
  • Audrey (6 y.o.): Daddy! Did you know that after Michael left my school, he came back and now people call him David?
    Me: Does he look and sound totally different, too?
    Audrey: Yes!!!
    Me: That’s not the same kid, honey.
    Audrey: *long pause* Maybe...
    © Brian Wecht / Twitter
  • 6-year-old (to her crying brother): “It’s okay to be sad, sometimes we need to let our feelings out, just let yourself be sad.”
    Me: “Oh darling, that’s so lovely, well done. Why is he crying?”
    6-year-old: “I hit him.”
    © Ellie Hawkes / Twitter

Me: Where are your dirty clothes?
10-year-old: On the floor.
Me: Where should they be?
10: On the floor where you can’t see them.
© XplodingUnicorn / Twitter

  • My son said: “Dad, once I reach 99 pounds, I will eat one pound of nachos. Then I will be 99% your son and 1% nacho son.”
    © zu-den-sternen / Reddit
  • I told my daughter, “Did you know that humans eat more bananas than monkeys?” She rolled her eyes at me, but I persevered. “It’s true!” She asked, “When was the last time you ate a monkey?!” © madazzahatter / Reddit

Kid’s silly jokes or cute mispronunciations can turn any regular day into a laugh-out-loud moment. Parenthood is like a daily adventure to discover these little nuggets of joy. It’s the unexpected giggles and funny things they say that make being a parent so much fun.

Preview photo credit madazzahatter / Reddit


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