15 People Who Are The Spitting Image of Their Relatives

2 years ago

It’s nice when you have some similar features with your mother or father, and people can always tell that you’re from the same family. However, in some exceptional cases, people happen to be the spitting image of their grandparents, or even a relative born over half-millennium ago.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything have some amazingly similar intergenerational pics for you right here.

“I always thought I looked nothing like my dad until I saw his dad.”

“My dad and me wearing the same tie on our respective graduations, 30 years apart — this wasn’t planned.”

“My great-uncle in World War II vs Me today”

“Ancestry made a picture for my dad’s side of the family.”

“My grandmother and I at age 2”

“Genes are funny. My maternal grandmother and me.”

“Here is my paternal line.”

“I often hear how I look like my grandmother.”

“From left to right: me, my mom, grandma, and great-grandmother.”

“My father’s genes run strong.”

“My father and I at 29 years old”

“My great-grandpa in 1918 and me in 2020”

“My great-great uncle and I”

“My whole life people have told me that I looked just like my mom. I never saw it until I found this old picture of hers.”

“My direct paternal line ancestor and I, born 506 years apart.”

Who do you resemble the most in your family? Would you be willing to take an ancestry DNA test to find out more about your ancestors? Open your trunk of memories and share your family photos with us in the comment section.


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