15 Times Little Things Made People Feel on Cloud Nine

2 years ago

There’s a never-ending debate about what makes people truly happy. The answer might not be the same for different people; however, an 80-year-long study carried out in Harvard made scientists come to the conclusion that it’s not money or fame, but close relationships. And those who are happy in such relationships are generally healthier too.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything made a compilation of photos that prove that even small things connected to our loved ones can make us very happy, so we should appreciate them more.

1. “My dog trying to buy a movie ticket (behind the counter is his ’mother’)”

2. “4-year-old: ’Guinea pig is cold!’ Wife: ’On it!’ 2 hours later...”

3. “Thanksgiving dinner at the shelter”

4. “My son finished his Lego Titanic tonight. It’s almost as long as he is. He was so proud!”

5. “My wife said everything suddenly went quiet. Looked up from my laptop to see this.”

6. “A 4-leaf clover my great-grandmother found in 1922 in her diary”

7. “Discovered 13 paper cranes in my university library.”

8. “I ordered food, and they wrote this on the bag.”

9. “Librarian kitty, at your service.”

10. “My favorite heifer has a heart on the side of her neck.”

11. “A friendly neighborhood dog by a sign saying you can pet the friendly neighborhood dog”

12. “Was wondering why my fiancé wasn’t answering my text. Then I got this pic.”

13. “A mother owl with her kids”

14. “This heart between rocks in Corsica”

15. “I’m fairly certain my dog got a goodbye kiss from my girlfriend this morning.”

Has your mood been lifted after seeing the images above? Which photo put a smile on your face?

Preview photo credit SirMustardo / Reddit


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