17 People Who Understood the Assignment and Did a Wonderful Job

2 years ago

Just because someone has been hired to do a specific task doesn’t mean that they really care about their assignment. That’s why we end up with poor toilet constructions with no privacy and packaging designs that aren’t very helpful. Fortunately, some people enjoy their jobs and care about being inclusive and practical.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to show our appreciation to these geniuses who know how to do their job right.

1. “These Band-aids designed to match different skin colors”

2. We’re in the golden age for avoiding germs in public restrooms.

3. A public bench with an extendable middle piece that acts as a table for 2 people

4. The perfect public bathroom door

5. USB chargers in every chair at an airport? Is this a dream?

6. The joy of never having to eat stale cereal ever again!

7. “New shoebox design in Pakistan can be carried like a bag.”

8. Keeping your private parking space to yourself has never been easier!

9. Let’s rejoice for all the bags not falling to the ground!

10. Coffee breaks have reached a whole new level.

11. “This restaurant has little windows on the table so you won’t spill on your phone.”

12. So much confusion would be avoided if these were in all fitting rooms.

13. “My shirt has a microfiber sewn on the inside to clean glasses.”

14. Calling for a waiter or asking for the check doesn’t have to be frustrating or loud ever again.

15. An elevator with giant buttons you can press with your feet for when your hands are full

16. Can you imagine the number of mishaps that have been avoided?

17. “Couch plug-in for controller. Not for everyone, but as a gamer, I absolutely NEED this.”

What is the most genius design you’ve ever seen? How helpful was it and did you take a photo of it?

Preview photo credit alhart89 / reddit


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