15 People Who Don’t Know What the Word Conventional Means

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Many people accept things just the way they were shown to them and don’t try to change them. However, there are many of us out there who try to change things and see them from a completely different perspective. This way the world becomes a lot wider and their brain a lot broader. This allows them to come up with new ideas that not many others have.

Now I’ve Seen Everything feels so lucky to have found these 15 people who teach us how to think outside the box and not follow the lines.

1. “3 Years Ago I Put on This Hat and My Inbox Has Never Been the Same.”

2. “I joked for years about having this little pair of scissors and dotted line tattooed on my foot, but today I did it.”

3. “Absolute game-changer”

4. “Why is it that my bananas always come in bunches of 6, but they sell hotdog buns in packs of 8?”

5. “Need a toilet? Take a toilet! Have a toilet? Leave a toilet!”

6. “The clever placement of a bumper sticker”

7. “Recently married, went for an unconventional first look.”

8. “I lost my leg last year. Today I got a flamingo tattoo since we both stand on one leg.”

9. “Neighbors have a monster truck in their driveway.”

10. This utility box is painted to look like an aquarium.

11. “I finally found a way to keep her off my keyboard and lap.”

12. “The local Vietnamese restaurant has a very clever WiFi password.”

13. “Never drop a book on the bath again. My 8-year-old daughter’s invention.”

14. “Clever tattoo”

15. “My grandma didn’t like the way her legs looked in this picture, so she just cut them out.”

What’s your way of coloring outside the lines in life? What’s one thing about you that others would deem as atypical? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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