15+ Pics of Kids That Immortalized a “Special” Moment in Their Lives

2 years ago

Any parent knows that kids grow up very fast and that precious moments with them are fleeting. But thankfully, it’s easy to immortalize special memories with the help of phones or cameras. So when their children get older and start building their own lives, parents will always have these cute and funny photos that will remind them of the good old days with their little ones.

Now I’ve Seen Everything put together 18 perfectly captured pictures of kids, which deserve a special place in the family album for putting a smile on everyone’s face.

1. “My 2-year-old son looks like he’s 80 years old.”

2. A little kiss from a big cow

3. “My son is obsessed with our washer, so I made this image with him.”

4. His grandpa gifted him his first $100 bill.

5. A family photo from 18 years ago that captured 2 very different reactions.

6. “My daughter fell asleep in a laundry hamper with a lantern.”

7. Feeding a seagull has never looked this magnificent.

8. ’’I was finally able to catch my son’s raised eyebrow on camera.’’

9. The perfect timing and angle

10. ’’This pic of my son sums up checking this bucket list item off.’’

11. “I caught my daughter and dog at their ultimate moment of happiness.”

12. ’’I captured a shot of my daughter’s bubble at the exact moment it popped.’’

13. “Just found a pic of my daughter taken with my first digital camera in 1998!”

14. ’’Everyone said my daughter would be tall like me, but this is just getting ridiculous.’’

15. ’’This is my favorite fall picture.’’

16. The first time she tasted flan.

17. ’’I caught my son’s head in a bubble.’’

18. “Tried to take a cute picture of my sons, but the oldest decided to go to another dimension.”

Do you often look back at your childhood photo albums? Do you believe in taking plenty of pictures to memorialize your child’s growth, or would you rather keep the memories registered in your mind?

Preview photo credit golfinbronco/Reddit


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