15 People Who Don’t Let Anything Rain on Their Parade

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DIY projects and solutions to everyday issues are so popular, with millennials leading the way. Most people choose to fix things on their own in order to overcome their stress and have a sense of accomplishment. And even if it’s not a permanent project, but a temporary solution, many people choose to deal with things on their own.

Nothing is impossible and Now I’ve Seen Everything has gathered 15 pictures that prove how the human mind can solve any type of problem.

1. “Outdoor urinal behind home garage.”

2. “My dad needed to study.”

3. “My roommate fixed the sink.”

4. “Went to a house party where 4 girls lived.”

5. “As seen at one of the largest cruise ships being built.”

6. No curtain, no problem!

7. The hair tie twist up for 2 remotes

8. “Electric scooter with a canoe trailer.”

9. Bike lock keys that all look the same — zip tie the same color on the lock.

10. Don’t lose your hairbrush again.

11. “If I use a cheese grater on a cold stick of butter, it’s easier to spread on toast and muffins.”

12. “My dad said his chickens are eating his crops so he made these ’scarecrows.’”

13. “Could not find a decent tv rack for my consoles so I modified (slightly) a fruit rack.”

14. “First prize winner at my local county fair. The sheer amount of adults this had to slip by blows my mind.”

15. “Found at a laundromat. Yes, you can still press the buttons.”

Do you try to find solutions to your minor everyday issues yourself or do you ask for somebody’s help?

Preview photo credit noahfromnewjersey / Reddit


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