24 Photos That Prove You Can Dress from Head to Toe in Thrift Stores and Look Absolutely Stunning

2 years ago

Shopping in thrift stores isn’t for everyone. While some people feel like buying secondhand clothes and shoes is “icky,” others can spend hours looking for items with stories behind them. And their patience often pays off because many thrift stores have some hidden gems.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything believe thrifting is a fun and eco-friendly way to find stylish clothes and accessories. And we collected 24 photos from people who are so good at thrifting they managed to find luxurious items almost for free.

“I can’t believe I found this vintage Dior bustier at Goodwill for $5! It’s so gorgeous.”

“I’ve leveled up in thrifting... Gucci sneakers for $2.50!”

“Some Valentino rock stud heels. $8!”

“The thrift gods have blessed me today. I found a Gucci bag worth over $1,000 for $50!”

“I paid $10 for this!”

“A Gucci toddler dress I thrifted today — never worn and still on the original hanger, spent $20.”

“Louboutins for $17.99 and Prada for $18.99!”

“Haunted vintage Gucci scarf”

“A Prada denim jacket for $40 — not the cheapest find, but I’m happy with it.”

“Vintage Chanel cashmere for $6!”

“Genuine Chanel rain boots, priced at $16 but on sale for $12! Can’t wait for the next storm.”

“Vintage Valentino! $25!”

“Found this Chanel bag for $50.”

“Got these brand-new Valentino pumps for $40 at Goodwill with the $600 retail tag still attached!”

“Mom found this vintage Valentino blazer for $4! She’s just thrilled about the shoulder pads!”

“Balenciaga for 7 dollars”

“A Valentino messenger bag for $42.50”

“Vintage Yves Saint Laurent for $4.99!”

“I found a rare Yves Saint Laurent clutch bag for $3!”

“Vintage Givenchy dress from the ’70s for $12”

“Just scored a vintage Givenchy nightie for $3. It’s in my favorite color too.”

“An authentic Givenchy necklace for $4. I love thrifting.”

“Burberry for $2.99 each”

“Hermès scarf I got for 99 cents”

Do you like thrift hunting? Have you ever found luxurious items in thrift stores?

Preview photo credit holleykitty / Reddit


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