15 People Who Have Mixed Feelings About Their Bosses

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If you are an adult, it’s impossible that you don’t have a boss story to tell, either it’s a positive or a negative one. Maybe at some point your life at work was a constant hardship from start to finish. Or maybe you can’t wait to go to work every single day, with everyone, including your boss, being absolutely amazing.

1. “As a prank for our boss’s birthday, we switched out pictures of his kids with photoshopped versions of employees.”

2. “My boss censored my cleavage at work yesterday...I should add that before this, my boss was making tape barricades on the stairs for people to get caught in.”

3. “A guy at work asked my boss for a raise... This is what he got.”

4. “My boss brings his pet pig to work every day.”

5. “We made our own Valentine’s Day boxes for work. This is my boss’s.”

6. “My boss put grape Kool-Aid in all the watercoolers.”

7. “My boss installed an IP Camera at the store to spy on us when he was away. I retaliated with this rig.”

8. “We had a birthday at the office today and our boss insisted on cutting the cake.”

9. “My boss told me to at least try shoveling out and come in today. My car is the red one.”

10. “Me: Do we have a bigger stapler? My boss: Here you go.”

11. “My boss was tired of our wire cutters getting stolen. I’m not sure this will solve it.”

12. “My boss insists we add this to the bleach for cleaning, absolutely refuses to buy more and continues to dilute what little is left.”

13. “So I brought a pecan pie to work. By noon it was missing. Found it a few hours later in my boss’s office.”

14. “I work in IT. This is the Christmas wreath my boss made.”

15. “An ugly sweater competition with the boss.”

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