15+ People Who Paid Their Hard-Earned Money for Pure Disappointment

2 years ago

When we buy something, from time to time, we get things that are far from what we expected. This is twice as disappointing given that we had to spend our money on stuff that crushed our hopes. Our heroes today know exactly what it feels like, as they’ve bought a chocolate chip cookie with just one tiny piece of chocolate, a loaf of bread that’s mostly air, and mac and cheese with no cheese.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything have found a few products that could drive even the most patient people totally crazy.

“My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.”

“Bought a Squid Game mask for Halloween and this is what came.”

“The lock that I bought came like this...”

Got an ad cookie instead of a fortune one.

“I bought ’100% blackout’ curtains.”

“Bought a new monitor and the front logo isn’t centered.”

“I bought new jeans.”

“Installing this had to be a masterpiece of creativity. Now to figure out how to use my new dishwasher...”

“So I bought a pomegranate...”

“Dropped my brand new knife.”

“New apartment, I have no words for this.”

“The guy who measured our house for new carpet forgot the stairs.”

“The mac and cheese I bought for my little brother didn’t come with a cheese packet.”

“Every outlet in the house we bought was installed upside down.”

“Brand new socks lasted for about 4 hours of walking.”

“These are the fourth pair of shoes this year that have done this.”

“My new $150 queen-sized weighted blanket on my queen size bed”

“The bread my mom bought today”

Have you ever bought something that has absolutely infuriated you because it wasn’t what you expected? What was that product?

Preview photo credit Deranged__octopus / Reddit


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