15 People Who Proved Makeup is Fun for Everybody

2 years ago

When we think about makeup, we often envision a woman knowing her way around the hundreds of makeup products and flawlessly transforming herself into anything she wants. As it turns out, makeup is actually genderless, and some men have a secret power — they can nail any makeup look, and we can’t help but admire their limitless creativity.

Now I’ve Seen Everything has come across 15 men who showed us their power and, at the same time, the power of makeup.

1. “Currently, very, very new to eyeshadow. Next is liner!”

2. Rainbow eye shadows and charming freckles

3. This makeup looks very natural.

4. Fuchsia in all its glory

5. “I’ve been working on improving my makeup skills and did this look in honor of Trans Day of Visibility.”

6. Eyelid crease highlighted with a liner

7. Highlighting the natural beauty of the eyes

8. Another beautiful daytime look

9. “Every Monday at work, we have a makeup competition. This week’s theme was ’bewitching.’”

10. Gradient blue eye shadow and glowing lips

11. This makeup gave us some superhero vibes.

12. Smokey eyes look great on guys. Don’t you agree?

13. “Easy, quick ’I stayed up all night’ look”

14. Natural lips and elegant wings — it’s classic!

15. Bold and bright

Whose makeup looks the most beautiful to you and why? What do you think of male makeup in general?

Preview photo credit donjerm / Reddit


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